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My 12-Week Program To Transform Your Body takes dedication, drive, and consistency. If you haven't taken the challenge, it's time to leave the locker room and step into the gym. Commit to my program and I'll help you radically transform your life in only 12 weeks.  and I'll help you every step (and rep) of the way.

Don't take my word for it. Take the words of those who've done it. See the Before and After pics of people I've helped transform. Check out the best; get inspired to be the best. When you're ready to
begin, I'll be here. You're next


      BEFOR                                                 AFTER      

The physical gains are amazing, however I rate the mental gains from Kris Gethin's program the most valuable part of this journey for me.

At day 84: Everything is easier in my life. I don't have work stress anymore. I've taken the courage to start my own business, I don't have fluctuating energy levels anymore. I don't feel down and depressed anymore. I have no problem with motivation. I have no problem saying no.

My next goal is to put on lean mass and go from 74kg to 83kg, starting on Monday.
Thank you for this incredible journey, I have already inspired many of my friends to do the same and I will give them all my support just like you did with me over the 12 weeks.
Pain definitely is weakness leaving the body.


BEFORE                                                               AFTER                                  

I just completed the 12-week transformation contest and  I have never worked this hard, I get to the point of wanting to puke! Haha! I definitely know what muscle failure training means now! I love this program!

Kaged Muscle: "Wow! Is this the same person?! Great work and congrats on your inspiring transformation!"


BEFORE                                                                        AFTER 

OK, so first, I'd like to say thank you for this program. I have reached my original goals which was to reduce my waist size of 35 1/2 inches. My goal was to bring my waist size down to a 33 because I heard Dr. Oz say your waist should be at least 1/2 your height. Through this program I was able to exceed my expectations and achieved a 31 1/2-inch waist size.

I also wanted some slight curves on my muscle. I knew NOTHING about weightlifting. So, I'm not one of those guys getting "back in" to lifting. Going through the program I learned a ton, like that a 6-pack is made in the kitchen not the gym. I learned names and lists of lifting techniques and names of body parts I should have known by now. I'm sure my muscle growth was only limited to two things: me not understanding my abilities and not having a spotter so I can push harder without injuring myself.

I'd like to start over again from Week 1 with the wealth of knowledge I gained going through the first run. I like the "Blood and Guts" program you did with Dorian Yates and I'd like to give that a go too. But here are a few shots of what I was able to achieve after going through the first go-round. Not sure how much farther my genetics will allow me to go.

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