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Snacks before and after training

What to eat before and after exercise

What you eat before and after training is essential to help you achieve your goals. You've probably heard or read somewhere: abs are not the result of a good workout, but also a good command of the kitchen. You can give all the weight, if you are not eating properly, your goals will be in vain. So choose your foods based on the type of workout you do (are promoting foods rich in protein to support a work force or combine your protein with low GI carbohydrates to give you the strength to make an intense workout ). Be sure to consume at the right time to make sure your body can work at its maximum level. Carbohydrates are metabolized quickly (about 30 minutes), while the proteins can take up to two hours to be completely metabolized.

Five protein snacks :

1-Mixed nuts: ideal as handy to make also vegetable proteins and essential fatty acids. Do not take more than a handful of nuts. They are also rich in fiber, zinc, magnesium, vitamin E and B6.

2-Eggs: simple and quick to prepare, they have a very high protein concentration. Including eggs contain eight essential amino acids necessary for effective muscle recovery
3-Protein Bars: this seems obvious, but all the protein bars are not the same. Some of them you will find in the shelves are packed with as much sugar as you can find in a milk chocolate bar. Choose a protein bar that uses the most natural ingredients possible and check its sugar content.

4-Lawyers: avocado proteins are easily absorbed by the body. They are also full of monounsaturated fats, folic acid and vitamin C, E and K.

5Chicken: it contains more protein and less fat than red meat. Choose the most natural form to maximize the content of vitamins and minerals (avoid fast food nuggets for example), and choose the leanest cuts.

Five snacks rich in carbohydrates

1-Bananas: rich in potassium, extremely convenient, cheap and full of carbohydrates to provide energy; Bananas are one of the favorite snacks fanatics cardiovascular workouts.

2-Oats: delicious and easy to digest before or after a workout. The soluble fiber in oatmeal can also help reduce cholesterol. Add some berries to add some antioxidants and mix to a soft white cheese for protein.

3-Sweet potatoes: They are a great source of carbohydrates and are also full of vitamins and minerals. Cook steamed and eat them in salads or try to add them to your smoothies.

4-Green vegetables: think broccoli, green beans, kale, lettuce, etc. Eating fibrous carbohydrates helps you regulate your appetite, slow the release of other nutrients and increase protein absorption. They also cleanse your digestive system and increase your metabolism because your body has to work harder during digestion.

5-Quinoa: This is a super food rich in complex carbohydrates and low GI. It has an advantage over rice or potatoes because of its high protein content. Quinoa therefore provide you energy to support your training, but also amino acids that your body needs to repair and recover.

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