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Who on this planet does not know Arnold Schwarzenegger? Arnold the bodybuilder Arnold the actor or the Governor Arnold! Regarding the bodybuilding world, it opened the way for new practices and new thoughts on both the training plan as of food. Here, let's look at his diet, a factor in his sporting success and his many titles.

Example of Arnold Schwarzenegger Menu

An example of Arnold diet :


- 3 scrambled eggs

-1 cup oatmeal

-1 cup orange juice

-1 cup milk


oilseed handle

1 fruit (apple or banana)


2 slices of wholemeal bread

1 chicken breast

1 apple

1 cup milk


3 slices of cheese

1 banana

Post-Workout Drink

25 g of milk protein

25 g of egg protein

300 ml of milk


200g of grilled beef

1 large baked potato

1 large salad with raw vegetables

1 tablespoon vinaigrette

1 serving of vegetable


2750 Calories

256 g Protein

271 g Carbohydrates

90 g Fat

Broadly, its diet is similar to the current recommendations. But at the time we are in the 70s.

With this diet, he entered the world of bodybuilding, the establishment of 5/6 meals a day, taking galore proteins as well as the famous post shaker workout.

It was therefore a follower of fractionated meals including high value protein at all throughout the day. He recommended to eat 30 to 50 g protein at each meal every 3 hours. He had a preference for unprocessed products and protein powder that allowed him to reach his daily quota.

The virtues of bodybuilding protein are more to prove. They are useful for the functioning of our body in general. Muscles are made from amino acids from food proteins, they must be part of our diet. The small glass of milk Arnold is not trivial since we must focus on protein from animal sources (milk, meat, egg) less deficient than vegetable protein. A high rate of protein reduces the destruction of muscle tissue. They have an anti-catabolic power by acting against the destruction of the muscle, and thus help maintain muscle mass.

So when building your diet plan, be efficient and do not try at all costs to think outside the box.

Split your meals by including protein food, drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily, flee processed foods by the food industry and do not forget your dose of good fats and vegetable ;-)

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