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The complete biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger. This great bodybuilder has done much to promote this sport, through his great career in film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography

There is no need to present this personality that marked the 80s and early 90s with his many films, they were action, futuristic or comic (although they do not really have dazzled by their quality).

 It is not necessary to recall that he was the best and most beautiful bodybuilder of his era and, for many, of all eras. No need to remind you that already was twice elected governor of California, a place he also not particularly shines and where it is sermon "Governator".

He was for 20 years the athlete to win the most often raised more competitions bodybuilding: Mr Olympia. And although it has since been surpassed by Ronnie Coleman, it remains the largest bodybuilder of all time!

 It is also one of the last representatives of an era that many bodybuilding practitioners regret: a time when the physical was still beautiful, and or competitions were not only a race which would be the largest possible. At that time, the bodybuilder had still look human and yet had the opportunity to have a flat stomach, but he has distorted by doping excessive!

Since the late 90s, muscular heroes, like it or Sylvester Stallone gave way to flatter actors less impressive!

 But already know all that, but so far, you know its history? This is what we will detail you in the pages below, the entire life of the "Austrian Oak", another of Arnold nicknames

. From his childhood in Thai in Austria, through its competitions bodybuilding, his films and Governor warrants, Arnold Schwarzenegger will have no more secrets for you.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography
Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography

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