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Cardio exercises: beneficial or detrimental to muscle growth ?
A lot of people believed to avoid doing cardio exercises (and aerobic) is essential when trying to build muscle, are they right?
Many people running machine, thinking that they lead to muscular dystrophy in addition to the depletion of the body, while avoiding many of the practitioners of bodybuilding of different kinds to do cardio exercises just do not want to do it feared.
Does It go without saying that excessive exercise aerobic exercise causes muscle mass loss (and Sprinters are the best example of the rules of engagement), but What about do exercises Cardio moderate? Is it cause in blocking muscle growth? Or on the contrary, will help to build? Or both?

Cardio three ways in helping to build muscle

There are three basic ways to help the cardio muscle building and maintaining the larger muscle mass as possible, and are:

I-It improves cardio recovery from muscle process.
II-It improves the metabolism of your body process for lunch.
III-Cardio keeps you fit, and knead by making the transition from the stage to the shredder amplification stage much easier on your body.

Let's take a look in more detail ....

It is known that to do intensive exercises harmful to muscle fiber, it's my father it calls Elk.o repaired after the damage is Hedda pain in my parents feel after a day or two of you exercise.

To repair the damage is a complex process subject to two by two factors: first, the extent of the arrival of the amount of material that you need muscle, and secondly, how fast waste disposal.

And therefore, registered cardio that helps your body in dealing with the damage my father caused to the muscles faster through increased blood flow, it's my dad helps your body to build muscle and get rid of waste faster, resulting in a quick recovery of all Alnuaha.o the process of Hedda's why I am doing my Cardio always in a session devoted to the feet of today, thus easing the pain the next day dramatically.

It should be noted that all the benefits of this topic are reflected mainly in the legs and knead refer to the fact that the majority of types of aerobic exercises do not include the top of the Also.ada you are seeking to full recovery of parts of your body, then you should do exercises belong to the upper part of the body such as the use rowing machine or even When you use your hands to move the machine running.

Cardio and the way your body metabolism Lunch

Many beliefs that Ala de intake fate of two things, either being absorbed by muscle and burn either, forgetting Bulk storage Aldhun.km process believes that it can cover the energy needs by burning fat, not muscle when you do Isaiah diet for weight loss.

But our bodies are doing Hada varying degrees, in fact, Vajdzisam Some people store a small percentage of fat when binge eating (based their bodies to burn excess calories instead of storing), in addition to the loss ratio of less than muscle mass when they diet to lose weight ( The energy from their bodies absorb faster than muscle to compensate for the deficit in calories), while the bodies of others, they are, on the contrary Ptnkhozan extra calories and lose muscle mass when Bulk restrict calories to reduce the weight.

Play some hormones such as testosterone and cortisol key role in this topic process (increase the proportion of high-testosterone of muscle growth and in turn reduce fat), while the opposite happens in the case of a lineage high of Alchortizul.o Unfortunately, we can not do anything about Hedda is the abuse of drugs, Vginanta has identified coordinated the natural physiological hormone, and it is Hedda.

But not you enjoy privileged gene does not mean inevitably you fail, there is another factor related to what your body is doing lunch, and is in insulin sensitivity (how your cells to signals insulin response) As discussed in my article "Tips to religion have difficulty in building muscle" allergy to insulin her great benefit when you eat to excess calories to build muscle, while insulin resistant muscle growth limit and increase the level of fat storage during the diet.

It is true that genes influence on the natural level of sensitivity to insulin, but he can do several things to scam on this topic mechanisms, and here comes the role of aerobic exercises, from where they increase the sensitivity to insulin ratio, and whenever you have made, take advantage of its benefits more.
And boy, we can say that doing cardio exercises may help your body absorb Ala de you eat better, in addition to reducing the proportion of fat stored in the body.

Aerobic and fitness

Well-known in the world of bodybuilding deterioration essential for cardiovascular fitness when you focus on weightlifting for months on problems.

The work to achieve fitness is not spam only, but may cause injury to the body especially tired when you do flop several cardio sessions a week in addition to the decrease in calories, it's my dad makes weight loss more difficult on a physical level and the psychological, and could even accelerate in muscle mass loss.

During your province on a regular Cardio-inflated muscles stage, you can at the same time to maintain the state Aldana metabolism you have and avoid a "nervous breakdown" occurred My father suffers from some of the people at the start chipping stage.

It is common that people of religion inflated their muscles for many months without exercise cardio exercises suffer from the delay in the first weight loss while keeping debt Adair on the cardio ability to fat oxidation.

Two cases in which hinders cardio muscular growth

As I said before, aerobic exercises can block the growth of muscle as he can to help Takai a.an two main cases, which may affect adversely the two cardio exercises on your success is reflected in the reduction of excess calories too much, in addition to the payment to do Bmjhodat more physical than they should.

The excess calories controversial issue, as regular aerobic exercises do not burn lots of Hedda amount of calories (some hundreds of them at the most), but in the case of stretching of intense cardio sessions, problems may occur in calories.

May have worried people suffering from debt problems in building muscle in Hedda regard, it is the door that they have difficulty eating, including Alkvaih.o research has revealed that low-intensity aerobic exercise that will stir the appetite, and to knead, Bhd Doing exercises each week may help to eat enough.

That issues relating to cardio exercises and intense physical activity revolves around this topic intensity of the exercises and the proportion of Twatrha.bkl simply, whenever multiplied by the proportion of cardio exercises and intensity whenever influenced your growth and your strength negatively, and knead to see my father's pressure falls on the shoulders of the nervous system and the muscles together. and often the consequences are disastrous for the legs.

If, you should avoid aerobic exercise if you want to build muscle, or on the contrary?

I think that the pros do cardio exercises while building muscle outweighs the drawbacks, especially since it is easy to deal with this topic negatives.

Overall, the best high-intensity intermittent exercise on fixed exercises even in muscular amplification stage, in spite of being tired may infect my body Akther.km that research has revealed that the high-intensity intermittent exercise keeps the muscles more than they are doing exercises constant density is not that Hedda It means that you can do Bhd high-intensity exercise for two hours a week during the amplification stage.

The point at which the sap your energy aerobic exercise and muscle damage Book stop on your genes and the extent of your fitness, but it's better to do what no more than 2 or 3 cardio sessions every week in a period of no more than thirty minutes.

And Hedda discovered that the amount of high-intensity intermittent exercise a negative impact on your strength, do a few sessions of low or moderate intensity in lieu of those, and Hedda enough to benefit from them and avoid deterring.

And for added, the research revealed that the use of the bike a better use of the machine running when trying to reach the largest amount of muscle growth, and knead probably because of simulated real movements that are carried out when lifting Alathagal.o have tested Hedda machine when you choose a bike Fixed Radio to do, it's my father increased the strength in my legs loyal months.

What do you think about aerobic exercise and muscle building? Is Nick cardio exercise or is it that you disqualified him is my father succeeded? Notify me in the comments below.

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