» » How we are moving away from smoking?

 How we are moving away from smoking?

How we are moving away from smoking?

1- must see the motive makes you move away from smoking

And motivations vary according to people's motivation for each of us
Possible it is harmful to health
For your family
To be a role model for your children
And first and foremost in order to Dink

2-ask for help from your friends

Tell them you want to quit smoking and ask them to help you to leave this bad habit psychological factor played a major role

3- more times that tried to smoke it operates and where do anything prevents you return to it

For example, call a friend encourages you to leave this habit or sports, or at least walking

4- Stay away from anything that could make you think about smoking

5- Start a sport that you love. This is the main factor that will make you quit smoking

Finally stimulate yourself that you can make him quit smoking challenge you and I'm sure you will succeed in it

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