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Each of us has its own reasons that push to go to Salhariyadh but it is undeniable that the common denominator for everyone in these reasons is to get a beautiful Alyamadhr and harmonic body, but novices Medm have difficulties in the beginning because they want quick results, they should be patient and work hard and the feeling of enthusiasm in order to reach their goal

To this day, I will show you in brief about the most important things that must be carried out for a beginner is obtained on the practical results of the time you spend in the lounge.

1 Choose lounge close to home:

Avoid going to the gym far from home or the workplace. And so as to be friends rehearse with them in the future. I do not need to friends. But you need. You do not need them at the moment, but let your outlook for the long term. I and I will mention briefly two main reasons (I will explain this point in detail in another topic) makes you do it: motivation and spirit of competition to develop yourself for the better

2 Select your goals:

Each of us has his goals, so line monthly and annual goals and Tidha sure to stimulate yourself to continue

3. Planning:

Plan your weekly and monthly schedule (eg Monday and released Trajcepc, Wednesday and Baacepc..k shoulder) in addition to the food and dietary supplements you eat.

4. ask for advice : 

Bodybuilding is not only read texts and articles about how to exercise, but it extends to watch sports practitioners and asked their advice in the correct position of the exercise with the amount of weight you must submit it.

5. Note and learn : 

Consider movements and how to apply them either in the lounge or in the Internet

6. writing a daily schedule with no absenteeism and if for one day : 

And for this to learn Alanzbat in exercise and get quick results.

7. rest and eating a proper diet:

Exercise, diet, and rest (sleep) three elements if one of them will not misfire is obtained satisfactory results, and that is sure to provide the intensive care unit of the group and not to focus on doing exercises.

8. Patience results:

Do not rush the results. Generally, you will notice the difference after three months of hard exercise.

Important Tips
You will feel special pains in the first few weeks. Do not worry, this is normal.
be patient
Rest one day a week at least
Do not fatigued muscles
Don `t give up
You are about to enter the world, if done well used, will upset your life and your body head over heels for the better. I wish you luck, and I will answer all your questions, preferably you type the bottom of this matter. Thank you

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