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How can You practice workout without gym 

Is the gym far from home? Do not have enough time to participate? You like to rehearse alone? The price of high-priced subscription for your income? ... Whatever the reason, you can enjoy the benefits of exercise and get attractive body without going to the gym. In this issue you'll learn about alternative routes 10 keeps going, temporarily or in full, of the gym

How can You practice workout without gym

1. out of the house:

Turn off the TV or computer, and out of the house. Nothing harder in the exercise is to take the first step and for this you have to cross the reasons and excuses that make you away from exercise. 

How can You practice workout without gym

2. Walk or ride a bike:

Especially if you're going to work. Avoid going in the car, bus, or public transport. Conversely Take time to walk it or ride your bike to take advantage of your time in the body workout.

How can You practice workout without gym

3. Put a daily routine:

Choose a specific exercise you do on a regular basis. It is better to be a favorite and a favorite exercise for your heart and this in order to exploit its development and in improving your fitness. For example, if running is a sport loved you, then apply for a short distance once or twice a week. Over time, you can run longer distances and more times. This way you can improve the shape of your body and health for the better.

How can You practice workout without gym

4. Hiking:

Go for a walk with a friend, or into a tourist place has not visited him before. This, one
When used as a pronoun, it must be used consistently: One must manage one's money carefully.one will save me will hit two birds with one stone: the discovery of a new place and rehearsed without feeling it.

5.Buy-cylinder DVD:

Or rent one from your local library. It is easy to find videos that teach you sports movements (dance, yoga, Tai Po, aerobics, etc.), especially if you do not know the basic movements. You may not buy discs? ... Quite a bit, go to the YouTube site and look for aerobics home, you will find thousands of them. Choose what fits and never in their application.

6. purchase of equipment:

Invest your money to buy some of the equipment to be used on, the near-term average, and the remote for the application of  yoga workouts, dumbbells, ropes, balls and stability, they do not cost a lot of money as it is easy to use and transport.

7. Find sports quota free or inexpensive:

Many colleges and community centers provide this type of quota. You can join one of them. The goal is to encourage you to continue to exercise and get Rebekah lift your spirits before you go out of the house. You will also meet new friends who share the same goals and ambitions in order to continue to sparkle and gain more fitness.

8. participate in local competitions:

.almarathon, Or cross country running ... it is an opportunity to test your abilities by competing with many athletes not to mention the health benefits to be reaped by running for hours may not be achieved if you try to apply yourself

9.Use Home Furniture:

You can use the house weights tools applied by various aerobics furniture. Of course you will not get the same resistance and intensity compared to the gym and, but, if done well used, gives you a great body. For example you can use tree branches to suspend the application of exercise and horizontal bar, or carrying a backpack and application of push-ups ... etc.

10. Swim:

Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercise at all, they are full-body workout (from the neck to the two men). It is better to share the swimming pool has a coach, especially if you do not learn to swim.

This was the most important things you can do in order to get a nice healthy body without going to the gym. I hope that you take advantage of the subject and I welcome all your questions and inquiries under the topic

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