» » » What is your body type ?, there are three types

What is your body type ?, there are three types

What is your body type, there are three types

There are three types of body :

Ectomorph , Mesomorph , Endomorph

It is necessary to know your body type and nature of the exercise and know your system Algdaia

Ectomorph : 

His body thin and lithe and no fat in his body almost
Small and his shoulders are not bold.
It's hard to increases in weight because the burn rate high
His body burns calories quickly to the piece needs to calories high quantities in order to increase in weight
And it advised that complement my lunch Eachd provide him with high-calorie
And that distinguishes this body it is easy to be dried with a towel Jma


It remains its size and the shape of the average athlete
There has muscles and easy to increases in neither losing weight
Best a training system for the body de it combines training with weights with cardio (was, skipping rope, pike)


His body and huge when many fat is increased fat has easily
The strongest muscle in the body is the man
It can increase in weight easily but difficult because it dries burn rate at which weak
It is essential that practicing Exercises Cardio order that the high rate of fat to stop his body

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